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About Us

Wayne Filer, Partner


Wayne started his working career out of high school in the high-tech manufacturing field, eventually working his way up to a senior management position, responsible for overseeing more than a hundred employees and daily product production. 

After 11 successful years, Wayne moved to the Austin Texas area, where he started his own cleaning and restoration business.  Over the years, it developed into a prosperous restoration business with multiple employees.   This experience allowed him to perceived a unique product opportunity, and so he once again took on a new challenge in order to develop a successful sales and distribution business. 
Wayne’s in-depth knowledge of every level of the sales chain gives him a unique advantage as a manufacturer’s representative, by understand his customer’s needs and earning their respect through mutual experience.






Nelson Keimer, Partner


Nelson grew up the son of a successful pool builder and retailer in New Jersey.  His father taught him at a very young age that you can’t sell it if you don’t know it.

His first job outside the family business was in the late 80’s as a chemical rep in the Northeast.  Later, after moving to Arizona, he continued his career as a manufacturer’s agent for swimming pool, construction and flooring related products.  Mr. Keimer is the winner of many awards for his sales efforts over the years, and has learned that success comes from within, not without. 

Today Nelson is proud to work alongside his partner Wayne, continuing to serve their manufacturers sales efforts in the field.